Maruyama Junna's First Exhibition in China: "Wish"

Launch time: December 7, 2019

Opening:December 7,2019

Opening address: No. 125, Dongsi North Street

Address:125 Dongsi North Street,Dongcheng District

Opening hours: December 7th - December 14th, 10:30-18:30

Opening hours: December 6-14, 10:30-18:30

HRDArtistLabel and WKgallery will open the "Wish" exhibition of "Maruyama Junna" on December 7. This is also the first solo exhibition of Japan's super-potential upstart artist Maruyama Junna in China, which is of great significance.

This exhibition will display 8 original works of Maruyama Junna:



"Inferiority 1"

"Inferiority 2"

"Heart Sea"

"Insect-pollinated Flower-Chrysanthemum"


"Blue Ghost"

Smiling Zombie Boy
Artist: Zi Peng Zi PengTitle: Smiling Zombie Boy Zombie BoyMaterial: acrylic + aluminum-plastic plate, round mountingSize: round, diameter 75CMNumber of editions: limited edition 99Description: Including framing and packaging
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In the name of art, charity fundraising album
In the name of art, charity fundraising album1 KUMP "Super Human"2 Zhang Chi "Untitled"3 Zhou Zening "I"4 Guo Jing "Understand"5 Zi Peng "Emerald Mask - Early Spring"6 Deng Xiangwei "Arrival"7 Lu Weixia "Can Understand"8 Ma Mingze
Type: woodblock printNumber of editions: 50Size: 50*50*3cmPrice: ¥3600Shipping date: 2020.5.15Easter Egg: Buy this print and get a limited number of 500 throw pillows
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2018.07.26,受邀参加首届artfair in hotel北京王府半岛酒店艺博会2019.08.31,受邀参加“YOHOOD WEEKEND”上海潮流展2020.07.10,受邀参加第二届杭州“野生青年艺术节”2020.10.03,成都CEA电音节2020.10.03,北京798艺术中心“邻里相聚”街头文化派对2020.11.12,上海ART021 APPROACH单元2021.03.26,受邀参加第三届杭州“
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•2019.05.25,WKgallery首次线下展览cartoon soul开幕,原作部分8成售罄,艺术家訾鹏99版版画3天售罄。•2019.10.13,艺术家DASH徐立达重庆个展于MBG书廊开幕,WKgallery协作督办。•2019.12.07,日本新贵艺术家丸山纯奈中国首展开幕,首展当日发布“虫媒花”系列首作版画及配套雕塑,现场观众热情高涨。•2019.12.16,艺术
WK 所办个展部分现场
WK 亦是多年的潮玩版画代理商
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Maruyama Junna's First Exhibition in China: "Wish"
Launch time: December 7, 2019Opening:December 7,2019Opening address: No. 125, Dongsi North StreetAddress:125 Dongsi North Street,Dongcheng DistrictOpening hours: December 7th - December 14th, 10:30-18:30Opening hours: December 6-14, 10:30-18:30HRDArtistLabel and WKgallery will open the "Wish&qu
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